Anonymous 14 January at I have a question here. Anonymous 27 November at Thanks and Best Regards. In addition, I saw few newspaper articles reports this matter but it does not change the conditions for the exemption.

By the way I found another document regarding the conversion to scholarship starting on 1 Jan and onwards. Sometimes, I do simply depends on my friends’ points of view for some of my personal tasks. Then, you can start wait for good news. Is it base on my own instituted rank or based on local university rank as what i heard is that, some cgpa of first class honors in private university is lower than those local university? BepuryShen 20 August at Finally, I wish you all the best in your working life, and feel free to pay us a visit ya!

If you paid exceed amount it will deduce for the following month s. Bro, more than 1 year ady.

application letter for ptptn loan exemption

I will give it a try anyway. Anonymous 17 September at Btw, I would like to ask you some questions too. But today when I try to check my loan balance in ptptn e-fes, I found that my loan balance still remain unchange, not yet 0.

application letter for ptptn loan exemption

I’ve received the confirmation letter! Follow Me Facebook Twitter Instagram. Hey, During the two months that loxn were waiting for PTPTN to process your exemption for repayment, did you begin repaying them first or did you hold back on the repayment?


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Leona 11 August, Hope that I can get your reply as soon as possible. Hi Xaivier, Thanks for the very useful information here! Again, I must stress to please refer to their website because their address may change and if I put their address here, it may be misleading. Love to share and inspire people around me!

[SHARING] How to apply PTPTN Repayment Exemption (General)

I think you need to call and follow up Anonymous 9 February at Hi I have a issue I hope you can help me: Please confirm with the PTPTN officer in your nearest branch because every branch might has different processing method. I graduated this year in October and sent my application for conversion right after that. But, if you do receive first class honour undergraduate degree from your university, I recommend you to apply this exemption too. Hi, i want ecemption ask if i use pos express to post my documents to ptptn office, how know they have received my documents?


I didnt get any reply ezemption the loan exemption but they say they gonna check again and reconfirm First, make sure you fulfill all the requirements for this application. Ameera ameen 24 November at Shishio 2 February at I find the requirements stated in the government website being quite clear. Anonymous 11 October at Funding in less than 1 day? The loaj of the whole course is 3 years; but I still have few semesters to go.

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May I know what a verified copy of program accreditation is? Like us on Facebook Afterschool. Need to repay anyway. However, ptptn losn require you to pay some interest, if any I guess only.

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Your mobile number has been succesfully updated. You should visit the International Students section on our website. While many are aware of the existence, not many know what the actual requirements are for a student to qualify, nor do they know the proper procedure one has to go through to get approval. Articles Van-Guarding the Future: For your case, I think you can update or check your status once again with ptptn by providing your IC and the reference number of exemption letter via phone call or mail. However, I was able to retake it and finish the studies within the stipulated period.

Else, it would take more than 2 months and might pass my 12 months grace period. Until Feb of this year, I only made my move to apply for the exemption: Dr Purva Pius 18 February at I called them up after 1 and a half months to check on the status to find out that my application was deemed incomplete because a letter from Monash is missing. Terms and conditions apply. By the way, if you already prepare those documents for the application, why not just email it to PTPTN for a try?

Hi Xaivier, Thanks for the very useful information here! I might look fierce but I’m actually a very friendly person.

[SHARING] How to apply PTPTN Repayment Exemption (General)

I called PTPTN more than 50 times these few months, all I get is “Saya pun tak boleh janji bila boleh sign, Encik, I tak boleh janji bila boleh siap, you tunggu je la”. I can tell you that NOPE! Sherlene Wong 29 August, All the documents needed are stated in the screenshot above or just go visit the website just in case they changed the documents required!


After that, apparently, you have three options: Jiajia Jiajia 28 February lettwr Required documents photocopy and certified from exam unit: Rujukan in the letter, but, not essential.

My question is “Am I entitled to the loan exemption?

Attended the course full-time. So I only took 2 months to get it waived.

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First, please once again make sure you are qualified for loan exemption based on the requirement from ptptnand apply for exemption once you have all required documents. But last time I just typed the surat rasmi and printed it out for my application. Congrats, when you return the gown and collect the degree certificate at multi purpose hall same daythey will hand you a folder with the certificate and also a folder within that folder which are certified copies of all required document for you to submit to PTPTN office.

application letter for ptptn loan exemption

Chip 29 January at I think you need to call and follow up Basically, all we need to do is to prove a official lettera verified copy of the degree certificateand a verified copy of transcript. When CGPA fulfils the minimum requirement of a univerity, then we should able to find some sort of “First class” degree label on our certificate. Just like a cover letter which introduce what you want, what you have attract in the letter etc.


And yesterday they gave me first warning letter to ask me to pay Rm3k plus as outstanding payment which have to be settled in 30 days The borrower shall submit a fully completed application to PTPTN within twelve 12 months from the date of graduation during convocation.

The approving process will take up to 2 months. Hi, thank you for your information. As the condition of repayment exemption wrote that we need to “Completed the studies in the period stipulated in the PTPTN education funding document of agreement.

application letter for ptptn loan exemption

Ive been maintaining a gud cgpa through out the semesters. Legter wishes, Xaivier Chia. Thanks, have a nice day: First Class confirmation letter if it is not stated “First Class” on borrower’s degree. This might be the one: You should visit the International Students section on our website. I have applied loan in ; but I changed my study course in Hope that I can get your reply as soon as possible. I’ve been meaning to write this post but I, again, been procrastinating.

And with the number of applications they receive, it may take more than that.