If you become a parent during your Master’s thesis process, you have the opportunity to keep parental leave from your studies. If you do not submit the form at least 6 weeks before you submit your thesis, we will not have a co-examiner ready to assess your Master’s thesis in due time. If the brief account is not included, the thesis will be rejected and you will have used an examination attempt. Preparing for the thesis process well in advance. You should also make up your mind as to whether the thesis will be business-oriented and completed in collaboration with a company, and whether you would like and are able to work on a group thesis.

Aarhus BSS’s confidentiality agreement Version 1. Even if your thesis is a combination of several subject areas, you need to decide on one main subject area in which you want to position your thesis. Please note that there can also be thesis requirements that are specific to your degree programme. During periods of leave, students cannot receive supervision or the government student grant. It is important that it must not be a scanned file.

This means that the submitted thesis is locked when you have submitted it an that you cannot edit the thesis after having submitted it.

Master’s thesis

Send an maxter to studieservice. As an appendix to the thesis, you must attach a brief account explaining how the modified problem statement differs from the problem statement used for the second examination attempt.

If you wish to write your Master’s thesis with a fellow student from a different MSc. Aargus the contract has been approved in the generator, ST Studies Administration records the agreement and processes a binding examination registration. If your application is accepted, your supervision plan will be adjusted. If you choose to postpone courses within the thesis period, you are not able to defer the end date of your thesis.


Master’s thesis

Furthermore, it is the largest business and social sciences unit in Denmark at university level with a broad academic scope. Read more on how to convert your paper to PDF. When failing to submit the thesis for the second time, the procedure of the second examination attempt must be followed for your third exam attempt. You can contact both your supervisor and a student counsellor if you need to discuss your options.

The revised thesis statement must be within the same subject area. Find your academic programme coordinators.

Study Centre Arts in Emdrup. In addition to checking that you are registered for the thesis, you must ensure — prior to the formal start date of the thesis — that you have: Find out whether you have the same expectations to the supervision process. You will then have to prepare bsz modified problem statement which must be approved aarhux the supervisor.

All other parts of your thesis must be submitted digitally. As an appendix to the thesis, you must attach a brief account explaining how the modified problem statement differs from the original problem statement used for the first examination attempt. Submit your application to ST Studies Administration via mit.

Master’s Thesis

If you fail your thesis thesos are other rules and submission deadlines see below: If the form is not submitted, you lose the right to supervision. First of all, go and talk to your supervisor. The length of the thesis must not exceed 80 standard pages; normally, a thesis will be between standard pages.


aarhus bss master thesis

This means that you should begin uploading well in advance and no later than 10 minutes before deadline, since the flow closes exactly at It is a good idea to discuss your topic and working title with your thesis supervisor as soon as you have submitted your application for this supervisor. If you gain access to or collect personal data to be used in your assignment, you are responsible for taking care of that data.

It thssis important that it must not be a scanned file. The thesis contract is drawn up by you and your prospective supervisor, and it must be approved via the contract aadhus by you, your supervisor and your degree programme coordinator.

aarhus bss master thesis

However, you are responsible for checking, that your registration is correct. Teaching Elective Subjects, Profile Electives etc.

Bachelor’s project and Master’s thesis

Aarhhs the process of thesis supervision. This feedback may be in writing, but it no longer constitutes part of the assessment. School of Business and Social Sciences’ administrative staff is bound to secrecy about any company knowledge acquired from the thesis. However, you need to be able to prove the unusual circumstances with a medical certificate or other form of public documentation.

aarhus bss master thesis